New NIC card will not work

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I installed Xpenology DSM 6.1-15047 on an AMD desktop successfully. Everything has been working fine with one exception.


The motherboard is an ECS A880LM-M with an AMD Phenom II 6 core processor and 16G of RAM.


The issue is the onboard LAN is only 100 Mbps so transfer speeds are bottle necked by this.


I purchased an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK NIC card and installed it. When booting the system up there was no network connection with the new NIC card. I changed the Ethernet to the onboard LAN and it then connected.


My next step was to reboot and disable the onboard LAN in the BIOS thinking there was a conflict. This failed to solve the issue as there still was no connection with either Ethernet port.


I noticed on my Diskstation under Control Panel > Network Interface that there was LAN 1 -- (the new NIC card) and LAN 2 -- (the onboard LAN).

The onboard LAN  (LAN 2) showed "connected" and displayed the correct IP address.

The new NIC card (LAN 1) showed "disconnected" and displayed a different IP address and a different IPv6 address.


An additional note: to be absolutely certain that the NIC card was functioning properly, I disconnected the storage drives and USB boot stick and connected an SSD with Windows 7 installed, booted it up, installed the NIC card drivers and connected to the internet. The card worked fine. Then shut it down, disconnected the Windows SSD, reconnected the storage drives and USB boot stick, booted up and no connection on the new NIC card.


Does anyone here see what the fix is for this?


Thanks in advance!



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you can still have your onboard connected to your network and additionally add a network cable to the same network to the 2nd (new) nic, if you have dhcp (like by your internet router) the 2nd nic should get a ip address and you could see/check that in dsm, its also possible to see what the logs have to say about the nic  (dmesg)

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