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How install Xpenology on HP ML110 g6


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6 hours ago, Squalo said:

I tried Jun's loader v1.02b - DS3617xs and Jun's loader v1.02b - DS3615xs (in some posts i read that they are the only that works with hp servers).
From here https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7848-links-to-loaders/
But find.synology.com doesn't find anything.


try synology assistant, can be downloaded from synology

1.02b is kind of safe as it works with uefi and csm/legacy

the alternative 1.03b (dsm 6.2) only works with csm/legacy in bios


the onboard nic is a BCM5723, driver tg3.ko, should work, is in default driver set

do you see a grub menu on the monitor and a message after this?

to see a console you need a serial 0-modem cable or have to use iLO virtual com port


1.02b is a good test, if you manage to find it in network you can try  1.03b any trouble with that should be about csm/legacy


btw the hpsa 410 controller or older is no good, you should use a ahci or a lsi sas (9211-8i) controller

i guess the internal b110i shoould be ok, seems to ba a normal sata intel, needs to be switched in ahci mode




6 hours ago, Squalo said:

I tried also 1.04 loader without success


thats not going to work, 1.04b (918+)  needs a 4th gen intel cpu (aka hasswell) as minimum

in the link you will also see informations about uefi/csm




btw, the forum has a search function  (and  there are other search engines too)

its already tested with that hardware an loader 1.02b



and even 1.03b with dsm 6.2 should be fine by this



so you dont need a special  loader (like mbr version)

to just find it in network you dont need to change anything in the loader, just put it on usb and boot, if its found in network you can got on by editing grub.cfg for the right vid/pid, thats needed when installing a dsm version, the mac is only important for WOL and like the mac the serial can be changed later if needed



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@Squalo Congrats, a faulty cable should be the first thing to think of, but we never do ;-) been there, done that....

I do not think you should get a problem with 6.2.3, just be careful with any updates, as you never know... 

Check the forums, and doublecheck again before updating.

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On 11/2/2020 at 9:17 PM, flyride said:

Unlikely to be the software.  Check cable, port settings on switch, etc.


11 MBps (not mb/s) transfer rate is commensurate with 100 Mb/s port speed.  Fix the port speed and your transfer rate will go up.

11 Mb/s = ~100mbps 😉
The cable, port and router are gigabit: i replaced, in the same place with same cable and same router, the old nas (that worked in gigabit mode) with this one!

The router recognizes the hp port as gigabit! The cable is gigabit, only in synology i read 100mbps (under Control Panel -> Network  -> Network inteface -> LAN 1 -> Network Status) and, obviously, the maximum speed reached is 11/12 mb/s


Sounds like another bad cable, make sure it is Cat5e or better, and that it is terminated correct.

Before, during installation, I was in another place



ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000

ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off speed 1000 duplex full


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