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Configuring Sataportmap


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I’ve searched around looking for an answer I’m not 100% sure if I fully understand but here we go. 
My mobo being a gigabyte b365 has 6 onboard sata. I’ve ordered 2x JMB585 cards, each have 5 sata ports. Would the proper value be =655 ?


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bool "Modify SATA Hosts Port Number"


default y


<DSM> #18789

Reads Sata-Port-Mapping information and forces the sata hosts

to initialize specified number of ports. This makes the disk

name not skip some characters.

Notice - Do NOT set the port number out of the range that [0-9].

It supports as most 9 ports now.

For example, SataPortMap=4233 means the 1st host use 4 ports,

the 2nd host use 2 ports, the 3rd and 4th host use 3 ports.



bool "Modify Disk Name Sequence"


default y


<DSM> #19604

Add boot argument DiskIdxMap to modify disk name sequence. Each

two characters define the start disk index of the sata host. This

argument is a hex string and is related with SataPortMap.

For example, DiskIdxMap=030600 means the disk name of the first

host start from sdd, the second host start from sdq, and the third

host start sda.



bool "Re-map Disk Name Sequence"


default y


<DSM> #47418

Add boot argument sata_remap to remap data port sequence.

For example, sata_remap=0>4:4>0 means swap the first disk name

and the 5th. The following is the remap result.

ata1 - sde

ata2 - sdb

ata3 - sdc

ata4 - sdd

ata5 - sda



bool "Reverse Disk Port Sequence"


default y


<DSM> #23278

Add boot argument DiskSeqReverse to reverse the ports of each SATA chip.

For example, for a 4 SATA chips model, 4 ports of each SATA chip.

We want to reverse all 4 ports of 1st chip, no modification of 2nd chip,

reverse 2 former ports of 3rd chip, and reverse 3 former ports of 4th chip.

The boot argument should be DiskSeqReverse=4023. And the sequence of disk is:

1st chip - [sdd, sdc, sdb, sda]

2nd chip - [sde, sdf, sdg, sdh]

3rd chip - [sdj, sdi, sdk, sdl]

4th chip - [sdo, sdn, sdm, sdp]

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Yes I’ve read that exact post somewheres else, I think on a different website tbh, 

im not nerdy enough to know the meanings behind this all. Based on what I read since it mentions that each number position represents a controller and the number itself the number of ports, my thought process would be 655

first controller being mobo has 6 ports and each of the jmb585 have 5 ports. Is this a correct assumption? Is that all I required to change? Heck do I even need to change anything, I’ve never played around with any of those numbers and all my drives populate correctly in dsm now. 

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On 10/18/2020 at 11:26 PM, merve04 said:

im not nerdy enough

btw that kind of language might be seen off putting (or even insulting) from some people

its signaling you are normal and the other is weird and abnormal (i think it was not your concise intention but it has a sub context you should  be aware of)  - it might be a little like this? ;-) (a snipped from zootopia)



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