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I am having an issue with my Synology where I cannot backup it completely with Hyper Backup. Indeed, I am having a: "Failed to backup application Moments. System error" and “Checksum Mismatch”.


I just do not know what to do in order to fix it. No one has the same problem on the Internet.


Here are some information:

SHR Volume with SSD read and write Cache. The backup location is an external Seagate Barracuda HDD 6TBs. I have run some SMART tests and other health tests on the external drive and no problem was found.


I noticed this backup problem has been occurring since the last time I had to reinstall synology with the synology assistant as two of my drives died.

I used my external Hyper Backup backup and restored all the applications, settings, and data. The data was successfully restored and the "homes" directories were also successfully restored. However, there was an error when I restored the applications. It was not working. Thus, I let it go.


When I reinstalled Synology Drive and Moments, I noticed all my data was still there and working fine. Probably because I restored my homes directories. Indeed, all my albums, and people matches were there for all my users.


So, I did not really care. However, I have been having Hyper backup issues as described above and noticed some errors in my logs. It is always the same:

Warning System 25/08/2020 04:41:44 SYSTEM   Checksum mismatch on file [/volume1/@database/pgsql/base/29914/11776.1].


What should I do? I have already reindexed all except for the current groupings in People and subject albums as I would like not to have my server restart all the processes. (I have millions of photos and I have sorted them all out; days/weeks of work)


Please help me ☹


Thank you,

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