My synology stops responding

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Lately my synology has stopped responding when i transfer files from it to another PC on my network, when it does that i can't  connect to it and i just have to wait until it comes back.
And when i can connect to it again it works fine for some time and when i try to move some files again i loose connection.


I have looked into my kern.log and i can see there are some errors but i dont know what they mean, so i was hoping that some one could help med to find the root cause

My system is:
DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2

Please let me know if you need more info.


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from older posts i can see some clues about you hardware and that you might use a added sata pcie card

things like that are important so please add some details about the hardware you use now (added extra/extra2 ?)

dmesg will give a good overview about the hardware as it lists all pcie devices and disks

also maybe some lines of the log before the errors might be interesting too, its better so see more/all log activity to get a picture

depending on your configuration and experience you can try to migrate to 3617 (loader 1.03b), it uses a different kernel (3.10.105) and might behave differently

also running memtest from a bootable media can't hurt


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