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XPEnology vs UNRAID?


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That is the question.


Been using Xpenology for.. I don't know how long, 18 months maybe? Trantor's 4.3 was my first encounter and fell in love with it from the off.

Tried my hand at ESXi but really didn't like it. Although there's a fair amount of people far more skilled than I am who say there's no difference in performance my write speeds weren't as fast and backing up to USB was horrifically slow.


Anyway, got some new drives coming tomorrow and I'm toying with moving to UNRAID. My thoughts are that whilst I love Xpenology the reliance on hackers to rip out protection so it works on different hardware makes me nervous. I have complete faith there's no back doors but worry if some of the protection being stripped out leaves a hole or two. I use it remotely.

One of the things that's perked my interest with UNRAID is the ability to throw whatever drives I want in there and it does it's thing. I have 2 SSD drives i'll be using through a 5.25" bay converter so in terms of keeping the speed I'm used to whilst UNRAID works out the parity, I shouldn't notice any difference.


Has anyone used both? What are your thoughts? Any have more flexibility? Which of the two is generally faster?

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I'm a happy owner of unraid Server.


I change XPenology to unraid for 4 things:

-Individual HDD Hibernation(Unraid Only spin up the drive you need to get the file you are trying to read)

-More posibilities of disk add/delete(you can add whatever disk you want, no restriction to create array, the only is that the parity drive need to be the bigger)

-More Secure(If you are using SHR DSM then you have 1 disk protection, if 2 drives fail at same time, you lost ALL the data on the array, unraid OS only lose data of the 2 failed drives)

-Posibility to virtualize(KVM/Xen) and dockers(not Virtualitzacion but i's seems)


The problem with unraid is:

-Very slow write(if you need performance you need to install SSD cache)

-Read speed = speed of the drive where is the file you want to read(slower than mdadm raid's like synology DSM)


-GUI with few possibilities compared with DSM(But exist lot of open source application that do the same, but of course you won't have the centralitzed GUI with all thing together)


-Require some system knowledge

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Thanks for your feedback Segator.


I tried UNRAID yesterday but never got as far as running it.

I could see http://tower on my router taking up an IP address but couldn't connect no matter what I did.


Have a second Syno box up and running. I can't complain. It does everything I need it to do (except Google Play music, that's still a must have), just would have been nice to give it a whirl

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