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Only 50-60 MB/s on LAN with HP Microserver Gen 8


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Hallo together,


my name is Moritz and I'm using XPEnology since a week with a brand new HP Microserver Gen 8 (G1610T, 2GB RAM, 2x 2TB WD Green).

Before the HP Mircoserver Gen 8 I used an Synology DS-211+ with the same above called WD Green 2x 2 TB in a RAID 1 (SHR).


Since I am using the HP Microserver I have a low LAN transfer rate.

The transfer rate is between 50-60 MB/s, no matter if I write or read to the NAS.


If I use a large file (like an 2 GB Patch) the rate starts with 115 MB/s, drops to 80 MB/s after 3-4 seconds and will stabilize at 60 MB/s after a few more seconds.

If I use a folder with a lot of small files, the rate is always between 50 and 60 MB/s.


I use an Cat 5e Cable and an TP-Link Gigabit-Switch. Also the direct connection between the PC (with SSD-Drive) and the NAS isn't faster.


I think in my Synology DS-211+ had have rates between 90-100 MB/s normally, no matter if I transfer one large file or a lot of small files.


Any idea why the transfer rate is that low? I mean it's fast enough but based on the performance I except a higher transfer rate on LAN the the DS-211+.


Thanks a lot,


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That all sounds about right .. wd greens are quite slow drives and unless you have them in raid0, 60-70 is max really for those drives. Do not fret yourself. Raid 1 might help with read speeds, and I think is syn SHR is "like" raid1.

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I don't have one of these but it doesn't sound right. I build an xpenology system using an intel 4200 NAS with a much older/slower CPU (think it was a core 2 duo 4300) 2GB RAM, 4 green seagate 2TB drives in default synology RAID (RAID5)

writing large files to it I would see greater than 90MB/sec, usually closer to 100+

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I have the same issue.

My xpenology server is a Intel i3 2100 with intel Q67EP ITX and 4Gb DDR3.

2X 4Tb Red WD in SHR (raid 1).

My transfert are very slow, always below 50-60 mb/s. I know WD aren't very fast but I too slow !

I made a Blackmagic speed test benchmark that confirmed me the low speed.

I also plugged into USB3 port an intel 180Gb SSD to check if the issue come from the WD HDD or something else.





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I dont expect any quicker than the speeds you quoted as I am using disks as Jbod so will be getting std speed of a single disk drive +/- some buffering. Storagereview does show ds214 getting 100Mb+ speeds under iscsi, maybe ???

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sounds like switch overflow, try to switch off switch and switch on, check cable, check network interface, try to force 1Gb Full duplex in both device, nas and pc


Thank you !!!

I tested every cable from my Nas to my router and computers and I found the cable attached to my nas was a faulty cable !! By replacing it, I can now have good speed !! 80-110mb/s R/W !

All of my network is made of homemade cable (less expensive), but apparently one of them was defective. I really didn't expected that it can come from a cable. I realize that cable was defective since I owned my nas (3years ago) !


Thank you again "Aigor" :smile:


DasMoritz --> Maybe you can check each cable one by one. Test the max speed obtained,… and start with the cable of your nas :wink:

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