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replacing faulty disks?


Hi guys and galls,maybe a stupid question,i updated 3 weeks ago to dsm 6.2.3 and it worked flawless,but now i got 2 faulty disks in my storage,is it possible to replace the disks for bigger one's and is it just a case of pull out my faulty ones of 4TB and just replace them with 2 new one's of 8TB or should i replace them 1 by 1?

I am just carefull cause i don't want to break anything up again.

Thanks for youre answers and  suggestions.

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Depends on your RAID type. If you use a traditional RAID level (5, 6, 1+0) then bigger disks won’t give you any benefit. Normal RAID (mdam) uses the smallest drive in the array for space calculation. If you have 5x4TB in RAID 6 the overall space is 12TB. If you replace 2 drives with 8TB hdds it still would be only 12TB. Synology’s SHR allows to mix up drives of different size for more space. 


What RAID type do you use and what says your storage manager exactly? SMART errors or „really“ failed drives with a degraded RAID? If the 2 drives have failed already and the RAID is still working in degraded mode you can replace them both at once. Rebuild will take some time, depending on the total amount of hdds, RAID level (except for RAID1 or 1+0, usually faster) and occupied space.

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I got a jbod storage pool

Non important data

It says my volume and storage pool is chrashed within 5 mins of starting the server.

The faulty one's are hdd's of 9 years old so it is to be expected,both are to be replaced by bigger and newer one's.

One disk is crashed other one is critical and can't be put back in the storage pool.


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