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Best bios setting HP Microserver Gen8


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Hi all,


I am a new owner HP m Gen8. I installed xpenology.


Some questions :smile:?

Could you help me setup best bios settings this server for Xpenology only

Afer restart or WOL wakeup server doesnt no boot from SD or USB, only cycling all time. After hard reset boot from USB but no from SD card.


Thank you so much for your help


Robert from Czech

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You cannot boot from the microsd AFAIK .

ALso I'm not sure that WOL works .

I use the B120I raid card to control the disks as JBOD, same in xpenology as this allows the FAN to slow to silent.

I have mine set for (CPU) performance profile as it never really gets stressed, and in silent mode it was slow to respond.

I installled from usb and just leave it in all the time, powers up and down and reboots no problem.

I have installed to "bare metal" rather than hypervisor (esxi) and do not use ILO.

I did a full disk scan on first use which can take many hours.

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