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new here need info


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hi all

i'm currently running a synology ds212j, but well for what i need it to, which runs surveillance station for 4 cameras

but the problem is that the processor is maxed out, so i set out to try and find a way to upgrade it.

i then thought would it be possible to install it on a computer and that is when i found this but my questions are:

is this legal ?

can we just run updates like we do on the disk stations ?

are there any advantages and dis-advantages with this ?

can i run surveillance station with 4 camera on it


in global i would like to have as much info as possible

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I run both real synology NAS plus Xpenology NAS.


legality is likely not an issue, but please realize that this product is something Synology actively works on stopping. Its available despite their efforts, not because of it :smile:


more CPU is exactly why I run XPenology in addition to my real Synology.


the most recent versions, so fat, seem to update the same as a real Synology, but in the past that was not the case. You should be OK with being a bit behind Synology's last versions.


advantages are - cheaper and bring your own hardware. This means better performance for the $ than real Synology


disadvantages are

-no support in failure

-not all features work

-not all hardware works

-more difficult installation and maintenance

-unknown future

-if you really rely on it I recommend you have a sandbox system, something you can play with. Something you can test upgrades and changes on.


I know that sounds like a lot of negatives, but its work it in a lot of cases. I have built four or five xpenology systems now, and these days it is quite easy and working well.


I have no idea about cameras sorry.

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Tried the download but Contact form is not working when you click submit to get the password




Thank you for message!

If you have time, today a little fill sections


Contact form is not working could you fix it please

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I can't find any information on the xpenology.me site regarding surveillance station. I'm interested in this patch but this thread is all I can find with regard to a patch and that website. Looks like the packages page is password protected too even after creating an account on the site. Does anyone have more info on how to obtain and use this patch?

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