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Unable to login to the webinterface and SSH


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Hi all,


I noticed yesterday that I was not able to login to my xpenology anymore.



When logging into the webinterface on ip:5001 (like I always do) i'm getting the message that I'm not aloud to login. Like I'm blocked!? This should not be possible, because I whitelisted my internal IP adresses.


Trying to login via ssh I get:

ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer


Services are working as expected. I still can use things like AFP, and SMB with the the admin user. Data looks good.

All synology services do not work like Filestation, VideoDS, etc.


I can still login with root via the console.


When I installed my setup I started off with gnoboot, and upgrade my installation through nanoboot and now XPEnoboot 5.1-5022.3. When I was running nanoboot with dsm 5.0-4933 I implemented some basic security features like disabling the default admin user and creating a new one. And 2-step authentication. Now I'm running 5.1 5022.4.


Now first off I want to disable the 2-step authentication. But I'm unable to find the right config file for this.

Also I want to delete my last installed app properly. I installed AdvancedPowerManager. After which the problems started, but not right away. I wonder if this app can cause this behaviour?


Can some post me the standard ssh_config file of the synology setup. Looking at mine


I can see everything commented out. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.


Like I said, it looks like it only effects the synology part of the system.


Do any of you guys run into something like this?


Things I like to get fixed:


- Restoring access of the 'admin' user. Can this be through the console. In the release notes of xpenoboot 5022.2 I found that you can add the resetuser=admin parameter during boot to reset the password, but does this also re-enable the admin user? Probably not.


- Removing the 2-step auth. Google Authenticator. Where is the 16-digit file located. I know it was in the location /usr/syno/etc/preference//google_authenticator in version 4.3 of synology, but there is no preference folder located.


- Removing the Advanced Power Manager app. Can I remove this by issuing an rm -rf /volume1/@appstore/AdvancedPowerManager ? But Do I need to delete some rc file somewhere else?


Thx in advance!

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So yesterday I did a downgrade from 5022-U4 > 5022 to see what happens.

Guess what! It didn't work :sad:


Then I thought I'd reset the admin to default. I shouldn't have done that.

Apart from the services (AFP/SMB/NFS). I'm totally locked out now.


I'm not able to login via the GUI, SSH or the console.


My current setup uses 3x 3TB disks in SHR.

Does anybody know if I can do a new setup on a single disk (without the 3x 3TB plugged in) and insert the 3x 3TB disks after the setup is complete to access my data as volume2 or something like that.



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I get the console login. And I can type stuff.


do you get a prompt and it just refuses to accept credentials you give it?


Because I wanted for the admin user to become available again in de gui, I issued the resetuser=admin during boot. This should reset the admin password to default, which is nothing (emtpy). But it also has reset the root user to something. It does not accept root/ (Permission Denied). The gui still says that I don't have permission to login. For none of my users. On the console I tried several options: root/password, root/admin, root/root, etc. None of them work. If someone has another option, I would really like to hear it.


Strangely enough, the box is still accessible through NFS, SMB, AFP. Also all services running (sickbeard, sabnzb, couchpotato, crashplan, btsync) all work fine.


So back to my question.

Can I setup a xpenology with a new disk and after this add the old volume as a new one?

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