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CPU/Core Features on bare metal

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I am building a new home server and have been considering running Xpenology bare metal. I previous tried running it as a VM and had mixed results that ultimately made me not want to deal with effort of running it as a VM. With this new build im considering running it bare metal, but I want to be sure I am not going to lose any features/performance of my new setup doing so. One of my primary reasons for building a new server is for Plex and video stream encoding, x265 is not easy to do without native hardware support. I am using an i7 10700 and my main concern is that I will lose features/cores by using a synology image that isnt built to utilize that many cores. Will i be able to take full advantage of the new CPU and cores running xpenology bare metal?

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4 hours ago, jayecin said:

i7 10700

this cpu (iGPU)  is not supported by synologys (or juns) i915 driver

i did a crude hack to patch it in (-> link) but there was not much feedback, a 9th gen cpu might be a better choice (at least as long as there is nothing to say about dsm 7.0)



hevc/h.265 should be no problem with 9th gen cpu's



best solution might be to disable HT in bios (if that option is available), maybe it is possible to add something in grub.cfg as kernel parameter to disable HT support

HT "cores" usually add 15-20% of a real hardware core, without it you loose a 1.6 core equivalent in performance but can use 918+ with the best possible performance


3617 does not have i915 driver support and with its old kernel (3.10.105) in dsm 6.2 it does not look like anyone will backport this for us as driver

with dsm 7.0 3617 will also get a 4.4.x kernel (3615 will still be 3.10.x) so it might be possible to have the same i915 driver as 918+ uses in dsm 6.2.3

BUT 7.0 would need a new hack and loader (no word yet if anything is in work with the 7.0 beta) and also kernel sources synology has not been released (pretty sure we will have to compile the i915 driver by our self for 3617), the last one is important and taking into account that synology published 6.x (non beta) kernel source 2.5 years after the release (with some pressure from external) - i would not bet on anything in that direction, more likely it would be a thing to have nvidia support added (not usable with synologys video station but plex could use it, i can't test that i dont have a plex license and could not find anything that works baremetal (non docker) with nvidia to test it)


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Thank you @IG-88 That is very helpful information.  Unfortunately its a little late to switch up the CPU, so I will be sticking with the 10700. I also dont want to lose that much performance for plex and using a gpu was intended as well.  It sounds like Ill have to stick with running xpenology as a virtual esxi host.

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