5.1-5022.5 update.....anybody try this yet?

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I am confused, I just did the upgrade to .5 and it boots in fine and all and then I get this message.


Dear user,


The system has detected an abnormality on DiskStation. In order to protect your data, all volumes have been unmounted. Please contact the Synology support team for further assistance.



Synology DiskStation

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I kept getting those errors on 5.1-5022.3. My hard drives are fine but it kept unmounting and getting me to repair and check them but that would eventually fail. I had to downgrade because of it. I run my system as a hyper v computer but it was coming from a hp n54l when i had all these issues.

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I had to completely redo my entire setup since I decided to remove the small 64GB SSD drive at some point after initial install.


I moved all data off of the NAS onto external drives and then used CLI and parted rm to remove all partitions. I redid the whole thing from scratch and was able to successfully upgrade to version 5 and it's running great.


Lesson learned, won't be doing THAT again.

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I had a new build yesterday and tried to install Update 5, not working for me.

The update works apparently, but after that it keeps forgetting my network configuration, I set DSM to use fixed IP, config lost after a reboot, I have to use assistant to config IP again. After that, I can see from network page that my previous network config has gone.

Have to rollback.....but question, I can only rollback to the version without any update, is there any way I can get back the Update 4 patch file?

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DSM 5.1-5022 Update 3 successfully updated directly to 5.1-5022 Update 5 on my N54L.

No reboot needed. I even shutdown only for test purpose and everything is perfect as usual. :grin:

Surveillance Station also updated to 7.0-3762.


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