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Transfer from Xpenology DS3615xs to a 5-bay Synology


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I've been running an Xpenology 6.1.7 using the DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat file on a ASROCK C2550D4i for two years now.  All of a sudden it's not working anymore.  I think the NIC is dead so I used another one and changed the mac1 with grub but it's still not connecting.


I'm thinking of just using Synology.  I have 5 drives in SHR-2.  Can I put this in a 5 drives into a real synology and start over without data loss?


As far as I know, the DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat image refers to a 12 bay model.  Would it work?

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What does the NIC‘s LEDs indicate after the boot process starts? If the onboard NIC is really dead it may be only a driver problem for the new NIC.


Buying a real box is nice but not necessary, especially an expensive DS3615xs. Usually every real box with enough hdd slots will recognize the old installation and will offer a migration/recovery. But I would check if it’s only a driver problem. What NIC did you use as the new one?

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8 hours ago, JackTheRyder said:


dis you connect a monitor to check if its really starting (even better a 0-modem cable to check serial console)

this atom hardware is known to die early because of a cpu flaw from intel, lost my C2550D4i board that way


also dsm version and driver compatibility can cause problems too, like having 6.2.2 and updating to 6.2.3 (driver problem) or having dsm 6.1 (loader 1.02b) and updating to 6.2.x that would need a new loader 1.03b


v15284 is dsm 6.1 so maybe you updated to 6.2.3 and need a now loader?

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