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Voila, I have an XPE on an optiplex 3040. In it, I have a 16x pcie port and  a 1x pcie.


On the 16x I put a pcie card -> M.2 NVMe (works perfectly for the cache)


On the 1x, I would like to install this type of extension:âbles-dextension-contrôleur/dp/B08DFMTP44/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=sata%2B1x&qid=1601729883&s=computers&sr=1-2-spons&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEzS1cxS1ZWNlNXWjZUJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMDczNDUwUloyQUY1SDc0NDlRJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAwNTQ1NjYzVDlCRkxBVFlHQk1VJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ&th=1


If I plug the hard drives into it, will the XPE recognize the hard drives? Thank you

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9 hours ago, Mikaka46 said:

If I plug the hard drives into it, will the XPE recognize the hard drives?


yes but it will work only as a 4 port card because dsm does not support (or should i say blocks) sata multiplexers (other then the original external units from synology)

(9215 is a 4port sata chip and jmb575 is a 1 to 5 port multiplexer, one of the 9215's ports is used for the jmb575 and that make 3 +5 = 8 ports, if the multiplexer is not working then one of the 5 added ports will work as one of the 9215's ports so you get 4 usable ports)


there are at least two different real 8 port ahci cards but they are pcie 2x cards with with a pcie 4x layout as connector (but should work with 1x when used with a pcie adapter cable which are often used for mining)


the m.2 in the 16x slot seem odd as it will only work as read cache and on most systems that does not have much effect, hampering the disk performance by using a pcie 1x slot, the H110 chipset only seems to be pcie 2.0 and that would limit the bandwidth for all disks on that controller to 500 MB/s


might be wiser to strip off  the the m.2 adapter and user a better controller solution like a lsi sas pcie 8x controller with 8 ports, maybe adding two normal sata ssd's as read/write cache might have more effect too

when only using a 1GBit then any cache drive seems a little overkill as the overall throughput will not be higher then 110MB/s (smb/cifs)


btw: having the same request in 3 different areas in the forum might be called cross posting and is usually not favored by mod's and users

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2 hours ago, Mikaka46 said:

Would I have my 4-5 hard drives?

yes, if thats the over all count of drives

the card you now aim for is pcie 2.0 with two lanes so max. 1000MB/s and thats ok as long as no ssd is involved


there are also jmb585 based 5 port cards that also use 2 lanes but also support pcie 3.0, so when upgrading to a newer hardware with pcie 3.0 support the throughput can double to 2000MB/sâbles-dextension-contrôleur/dp/B07RMWHBH1


but if you planning further and stay with that pcie 2.0 hardware then the mentioned lsi controller (sas, it firmware) might be a choice (usually used for 60-80 bugs on ebay), with its 8 pcie lanes it can also handle ssd's (if you install two sata ssd's you could have read/write support, but still with just 1GBit nic i dont think there would be much use for a ssd cache)

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It's work perfectly !!!


i have 4x sata + 2x sata on motherboard


in the future, I will do 1x port (MB) for SSD cache (500Go), 1x port (MB) with SSD for the system XPE (250Go) and 4 port (Extension card) for the storage (actuatly 4x500Go but, i think put 4x1To with RAID5) :)




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1 hour ago, Mikaka46 said:

Have you an idea where i can buy a controler cards with 8 ports on a 4x ?

the problem with the "4x pcie card with 8 ports" (ahci) is that they only use 2 lanes and only support pcie 2.0 and that limits the bandwidth to 1000 MB/s

usually its a pcie multiplexer with only 2 pcie lanes support with eiter 2 pcie sata chips with 4 ports and 2 lanes per chip or 4 chips with two lanes and one lane per chip

(beside the more cheaper but with xpenology unusable cards with sata multiplexer chips)


a better choice might be a lsi sas controller (4 x sata per sas port), they come as 8x card but will also work in slots with less pcie lanes (even in a 1x slot), if the smaller slots are open in the back its possible to plugin the 8x card directly or its possible to use a pcie 16x/8x  to 1x/4x  adapter (come with a short ribbon cable)

the cheaper sas2 cards come as pcie 2.0 but with 4 lanes usable in a slot its 2000MB/s and thats ok for 8 hdd's (non ssd)


i wrote about these two controllers here



With a compatible chipsets for XPE

if its AHCI compatible it should work ootb as the kernel has that build in

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  • 2 weeks later...



with this card, KO

the computer don't boot. this card is simply not compatible with my hardware 😅


So, i have buy 2 cards







6x sata with pci 4x ~1Go/s - 2Go/s on my pcie 16x (5 HDDs + 1 SSD = ~1,3Go/s, bottleneck not very big)

2x sata with pci 1x ~250Mo/s on my pci 1x (2 HDDs = ~150Mo/s x 2 = 300Mo/s, bottleneck not very big)


And 2x sata on my motherboard with 2 SSDs :) 


So, 1 SSD for system, 2 SSDs for cache and 7 HDDs for the storage in RAID5

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7 hours ago, Mikaka46 said:

6x sata with pci 4x ~1Go/s - 2Go/s on my pcie 16x (5 HDDs + 1 SSD = ~1,3Go/s, bottleneck not very big)


no, the chip only uses two pcie lanes (from the pcie standard there are no pcie 2lane slots or cards, 2-4 lanes = pcie 4x lane card)

the good point is the support of pcie 3.0 and with that the card will have a theoretical max. of 2000 MB/s

if you only have a apollolake or geminilake board then its just pcie 2.0 and you are down to 1000 MB/s

a JMB585 based card would be the same  (with "only" 5 ports)

my jmb585 pcie card  runs fine for a while now (can't say that about the M.2 version with that chip, wrecked raids even after fitting it with a heatsink)

no tests for asm1166 based cards yet (mine will be here tomorrow, after some tests its planned to replace a jmb585+88se9215, i just need 6 ports and the jmb585 only had 5)


7 hours ago, Mikaka46 said:

2x sata with pci 1x ~250Mo/s on my pci 1x (2 HDDs = ~150Mo/s x 2 = 300Mo/s, bottleneck not very big)

with pcie 2.0 and one lane its 500MB/s, a marvell 88se9215 based card with 4 ports would also be ok, and its up to the user how many ports are used

there are also asm1166 based 6 port cards as pcie 1x layout available, with pcie 3.0 (1000 MB/s) a better choice then asm1061 or 88se92xx

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