Plex Hardware Transcoding - again..

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This seems to be a recurring topic. I've read many threads without seeing a clear pattern apart from many unsuccessful attempts including arcane incantations and what not :-)


I understand that I need to base on the DS918+ image as HW transcoding is from Haswell generation.


But instead of asking "Does my stuff work" I am just going to ask the following:


If I want to build an Xpenology server that actually supports Plex HW transcoding (with Plex Pass version) out of the box and I don't want a Celeron CPU - what should I choose?


Kaby Lake?

Coffee Lake?


Or is this just a lost cause on Xpenology and I should look at running Plex on something else (if I need HW transcoding)?


Thanks in advance!

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I have run many Xpenology based NAS with plex hw transcoding, i3-8100 i3-8350K and i5-8600K were absolutely straight forward, no mess around with drivers etc. i9-9900K, i5-9600K were a bit more of a challenge, had to load a driver pack and a modified intel v driver as well.


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plex needs the /dev/dri devices and thats only possible with 918+

DSM 6.2.3 has its own improved i915 driver and only needs some additional firmware to support more then the intended apollolake and geminilake cpu's

a added extra.lzma that takes care of it would be here and also some advice about the cpu's


a good overview about the cpu decoding and encoding features is this


so 9th gen coffee lake might be the best choice as its the last really supported gen from the driver we have and its still on sale

(there is some patching possible to have some 10th gen working but that will not extend the features like having vp9 encoding, its just about getting it to work somehow - i'd suggest going as native as possible and thats 9th gen excluding i5-9400, i5-9600k, i7-9700t, i7-9700 - worry and tinker free is best, its more likely not to brake when the next update for 6.2.3 comes out)

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