need help help help

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i have a hp proliant dl 360 gen 9

after i did make the usb whit the loader i use the ds918 loader. i did do the mac adres and the vid and the pid 

i did start the server whit the usb that works fine.

i do the find my synology it finds it  so that works to 

but the i put next i and i get every time the message 

"Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found."

i am getting crazy abouth this please i need help


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you can use iLO's virtual com port to monitor what happens, the local console is accessible through the com port

when using jun's loader without extra drivers you might want to try installing the original dsm 6.2(.0)-23739


the loader contains drivers and kernel from 6.2.0, wen installing you use 6.2.3 and there might be a driver incompatibility, never seen this but its possible

you could use the extra drivers for 6.2.3 and copy the kernel of 6.2.3 to the loader, rd.z and zImage from the 6.2.3 *.pat file (can be opened like a zip file), destination ist the 2nd partition, you just overwrite the files already there

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first of all thnxs for your answer

i found the problem i had a partly instaled xpnology on the drives that is why i did get that message.

I did format all the drives and did try it again whit the normal loader and pat now it works like a charm install went good xpnology runs great fast and stable

sry for my bad english


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