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AMD A8-6600K diskstation ip not assign


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Trying to setup diskstation


Loader:JUN'S LOADER v1.02b - DS3615xs

Baremetal - A88XM-E45, AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon

Memory 8192 MB

It successfully boots but doesn't look like IP address assign by router (Linksys AC3200)

Plug this flesh drive into Intel machine and found in network , even with MAC address for AMD machine.

Anybody knows what should be tweaked in BIOS? Or anything else? 

Thank you for any help

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the nic is the usual realtek (8111) should work ootb

you can try loader 1.04b for 918+, i used a AMD A8 with that already

the system i tried was a HP and needed the MBR variety of the loader, can't hurt if you try that after the normal 1.04b loader



just to find it in network you dont have to do any changes to the loader, vid/pid is needed when really installing a *.pat file (dsm system), mac is only important for WOL

after having found a loader you can make the changes to that loader

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