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Plex Hardware transcoding


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I want to use HW transcoding in the plex.

I'm going to sort out what I've tried so far.
1. I changed my extra.lzma, extra2.lzma file on 

So I can get /dev/dri/card0 and renderD128


2. I changed my xpenology serial to real ds918+


3. I downloaded 64bit plex package on plex.tv

So I can turn on hw transcoding option but it doesn't work.


I am using i3 6100, Jun's Mod 1.04b DS918+, DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2(lastest version), plex pass.


I could use transcoding in the video station but not in the flex.


How can I do? I'm not good at english thank you.





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2 hours ago, nanashi said:

2. I changed my xpenology serial to real ds918+


that would be the usual solution



"real" SN's might be blacklisted and might be needed to pair the the right mac address (not sure if thats the case with transcoding, it was/is when with survailance station licenses)

from the picture of the licensing it looks ok but that would only be important for synology's own software like videostation or moments, plex just uses the hardware device and its own codecs (i guess, i dont use transcoding and will not spend money just for being able to test with plex)


2 hours ago, nanashi said:

3. I downloaded 64bit plex package on plex.tv


for testing you can use the latest version of videostation from synology


3 hours ago, nanashi said:

am using i3 6100, Jun's Mod 1.04b DS918+

that combination wouldn't even boot 918+, your picture shows a 6400 (looks like you forgot to mention you tinkered with other stuff already, you used the patch for shown the real cpu), that cpu is a 6th gen (skylake)

depending on generation there are differences on what can be de- and encoded

that link shows the information about the capabilities


you demo video is h.264, should be working with skylake

if it does not work in plex then check your log about errors and why plex is not transcoding, than hints should be in the applications log on your xpenology box



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