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Adding 2nd and 3rd drive


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Building from one to two drives would just mirror the first drive, then adding the third would then wipe that second drive and rebuild as raid5. Send like a real faff.


I've got everything backed up, so I'm going to try going straight to 3 disks. Fingers crossed.

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Adding more drives to SHR and SHR2 is not complicated:


Remember the following, it will consume some time to expand the disk. So please add them to the disk group first, then expand the volume (unless you want to create a second volume.)


Keep in mind the following:

- The drive you add must be equal or bigger in size then the biggest drive you already have installed. So if your SHR group consists of 1x500GB, 2x 2TB and 1x 4TB - you would want to add a 4TB or higher.

- If the disk group is near its brim, that is, if your data occupies more than 80% of the drives, you are looking at a few days of expansion, depending on the full size of the disk group.

To pur this in perspective: I had the following setup:

a) 2x 500GB

b) 2x 2TB

c) 2X 4TB


The array had 97% occupied with data, and

I then added 2x 4TB to the disk group and issued the expand task. It took about 5 days to complete.

It is also worth noticing that i suffered a power outage during this time, and the time to check for parity took about 24 hours before i could continue the expansion. no data lost and it works well now.


Hope this helps anyone else out there.

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