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no ACL support


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THis is my set up:


OpenMediaVault ( based on Debian linux ) host, Xpenology as Virtual Machine (Vbox). Volume1 is a virtual drive on SSD; Mass storage is exported through NFS. NFS is mounted on Xpenology ( e.g. /volume1/Downloads, /volume1/Music ). While I can read and write the NFS through Xpenology, but I there is no ACL support; All users can read and write these shares at will.


Does any one have an idea how to fix this?


Host's export:





Xpenology NFS mount:

mount -t nfs /volume1/Downloads

mount -t nfs /volume1/Music



Message on DSM5.1

The volume where the share is located does not support ACL. Please refer to Help for more Information.

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