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error code 38 for ds3612xs dsm4.2 build 3202


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Hello all,


I just got an old PC from my friends and now I am trying to install dsm4.2


I can find my nas by using assistant

When I right click -> install


Then I got error code 38......

Please help about this....

Thanks everyone!

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3202 doesn't see your HDD.

It will not work on the old PC.

Try this viewtopic.php?f=2&t=41


thanks for your reply!

I tried but with the same result....


Did you try following the instructions on the picture?

If yes and it did not work, it might be your router blocking port 23. Try to install through the web interface (when Synology Assistant sees the device, right click and Open it instead of Install. Same procedure as in the Assistant, upload the file, then sit back and wait).

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