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Possible bricked HP Gen 8. Need advice.


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Yes. You just delete the directory. You need sudo prior to the command.

(Make sure that you don't mistype the command).

Nothing magical will happen. Just ls -la again to make sure it has gone.


Why the fuss? It's a left over from 5.2 and not needed in 6.1.7. However, if it is there in 6.2.3 it will cause all the services to crash after boot.

You then get about 5 seconds after boot to ssh in and delete the directory before ssh itself crashes and locks you out. Been there (only ran ls -l). Done that. Recovered that.

Same feeling as you had when you first attempted upgrade and it all went horribly wrong.


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4 hours ago, hcardle said:

So before I delete it ( assume this is the cmd; rm -r /.xpenoboot) What else happens or what else do I need to do after this?

if you feel uneasy then you try to rename it to "test"

i've not seen anything about why this happens, my guess would be that dsm looks for hidden directorys starting with "." and try's to parse files in it (meant to be .syno but ends in wrong directory that should not be there on a original system)

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This is now a bit off topic but when I had my moment with this, I looked in the log afterwards and there were a number of entries along the lines of "xxx has been successfully terminated" as if it wasn't actually a crash but something had sent a signal to terminate the tasks.

Also my shares were still up on the network.

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So I have just deleted the xpenoboot directory and confirmed it is gone.

I had lots of trouble getting Plex with a secure remote access connection. Its better but still seems to drop out randomly.

I also couldnt see my movies on smart tv's. I fiddled around and seem to have it sorted for now. I think the "fix" was to renew the library folders.

Thanks again.

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Update. it has been working fine until recently. I have had it on this entire time until it started to misbehave. So I tried rebooting. That didnt work, i ended up in the boot loop again. I pulled the mains plug and rebooted and got it back ok. 

Then I got a message about one of the drives but i managed to recover that ok, now i am getting a partition has crashed message. Data is still there OK.

So I am going to back up the data to another drive and reinstall the system using option 2 on the bootloader. 

I think that is the way to go.

Any other advice on why it crashed or how to recover?

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