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older supermicro servers - install xpenology possible?


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Seems that there are plenty of older servers with dual Xeon CPU on ebay. They are priced $250~$350 shipped.


For example this one that has dual L5520 CPU, 16GB or ram, 12x HDD bay (6 connected) for $335 shipped.


Is there reason that it is a bad idea to add my own 2~4TB hdd and install Xpenology on it? thanks!


Supermicro 2U Server


12 HDD-Bay 2U Server

Only the 6 left bays are wired to the board

If you want to use the other 6 drive bays, you will have to add a PCI-e Raid Card


X8DTN+ Motherboard

2x Intel Xeon L5520 2.26ghz 8m Cache 5.86 GT/s CPUs

8x 2gb ECC Registered Memory

2x 250gb SATA Hard Drives

SIMLP-3+ IPMI Remote Access Card

2x 800w Power Supplies

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i have 2 diff SM systems with diff behavior:


1.)SM X8SIL-F MoBo in an SM SC836 chassis, here i have the BIOS reset issue only when i use the "auto startup" feature from xpenology, my workarount here is the BIOS RTC alarm option to daily boot the system


2.)SM X9SRL-F MoBo in an D-Link DSN-3200-10 chassis, NO issue at all (auto startup works flawless)


WoL i haven't tested on both systems as i'm using 10G fiber NICs, but should work

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i use a x7dbe based server bought on ebay just like you're looking at. its been rock solid and makes a fantastic esxi host. since moving to a new house its been powered up and running 160 days until i moved it yesterday. highly recommended!

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