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New user; trouble using iSCSI


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I am using the latest versions of all of the software listed at http://www.xpenology.nl/ on both a physical machine and a vmware workstation machine. I am experiencing the same issues with both.


Creating and manipulating iSCSI is troublesome and I have not been able to make it work. This should be easy and I am very familiar with iSCSI. I can create a new iSCSI LUN and Target but cannot access it from my hosts (Windows 7,8.1). I can connect and discover the portal with the windows initiator but I never get any luns attached to my host. Often, in the DSM GUI when editing or creating luns/targets I "Processing(Waiting...)" or "Processing (20%)" and it never finishes. I am forced to hard reset the box to get the GUI to a normal state. Regardless, I am unable to get luns presented to a host.


Everything else seems to work very well. What other info can I provide to troubleshoot this?




* I am seeing a errors in the logs like "iSCSI: Login negotiation failed from []" which is my workstation.

* I get: "iSCSI tx_data returned -32 expecting 48" when editing things in the target, such as enabling multiple sessions; this is when I get the hang up at 20 percent.

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Are you using File or Block Level LUNs? As I understand it Block devices aren't working on the latest Xpenology, give File a try?


Thank you for the reply!


They were block.


How did you know that? Just curious where I should be getting my info.

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