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Max RAM 32GB / 48GB, useful or wasted if more is installed?


As many of you know the default max capacity if we are to follow Synolgy spec DS3615xs is 32G and DS3617xs is 48GB.


Regardless of that for our own custom builts, if I install 64GB or 128GB into my box... will XPEnology actually make use that extra available RAM, or it will ignore anything beyond the Synology's firmware Max RAM 32/48 GB limits?


For example more RAM to host Dockers or other types of VMs / Minecraft Server / App Servers / Video Transcoding, etc...


Currently I have 64GB installed, but according to DS3615xs static specs it shows 32GB, in the Synology info page.

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I have 56GB assigned to my DS3617xs XPE VM (the max available in ESXi with 64GB) and it works fine.


My Control Panel Info Center tells me that it has 56GB available.  I don't think the RAM measurement is static, just the CPU information.

htop shows actual available to the Linux kernel - 55.1GB


I don't know if it will use more than 64GB however.  Someone may have done this.


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