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Link Aggregation under ESXi


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Dear Group,


Has any master have experience on setting up link aggregation with XPE 5.1-4 under ESXi ?


I have an HP G8 with ESXi installed, running XPE 5.1-4 without any problem. And now I am looking at activating the link aggregation on it.

I have created 2 Port and connected 2 LAN, and attached to the XPE VM, and both working no problem (detect and assigned IP from Server), however, once I created the Bond on XPE, it will dominate my network, renders all my other VM inaccessible. If I remove the bond or even just disconnect 1 LAN cable, all my other VM will become normal and accessible.


Appreciate if any master can guide me through this to have it setup ~ :grin:


Cheers !

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Thanks Mate. I've managed to fiddle the settings on the SG200-08 as well, and done with the XPE part. Now it did shows successful on the Control Panel with 2000MB with my 2 NIC. However, once this show successful, all the connection to my ESXi Host or other VM will become inaccessible.


Not sure if others did encounter the same problem, I have been reading around on net, and noticed something about VDS. Is it something that I have to do in-order to have the VM XPE performing Link Aggregation, while still allowing the VM Host serving other Guest VMs ?



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I tried playing with link aggregation recently (i do not have Cisco and used asus rt-ac66 router for experiments) and paused for a while.


my findings are:

- probably there is no need to do bonding on virtual part (at least from the very beginning) as vmxnet3 driver is quite capable by itself - http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsp_4_vmxnet3_perf.pdf

- my jetway board has Intel's 82579lm and 82574l NICs (both are currently supported with ESXi 6, though with 5.5 i used community drivers). 82579lm is also used by Intel AMT which in turn used shared (with the host system) MAC of that NIC

- ESXi management network is using 82574l MAC and this NIC is the first in failover order for mgmt network, while another one is the first for vM network

- after enabling LACP (used VDS on ESXi side), on both sides, from roter's side I noticed that partner (ESXi side) was using 82579lm MAC (where AMT is) and I could not force it to use 82574l MAC and that lead to inability of ESXi host access


at that point I paused for a while, to find out how can I switsh from shared MAC for AMT to a dedicated one. Per intel AMT documentation this is possible (in theory???)


May be you are facing the same thing - bonded link is using MAC which is not the one used by mgmt network, so its MAC is not exposed and cannot get IP?

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