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Samba loses connection


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Hi there!


I post this in the international section trusting that I would find the most readers and would potentially get the best result.


I'm running DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2 on a AMD Athlon 5350 + ASrock AM1H-ITX.

Randomly all my Windows clients (7 to 8.1) lose their connection to the Samba share at the same time. None of them is able to reconnect. The workaround is to restart samba. That happens once a day or more often. Therefore I guess the fault is on my xpenology NAS.


Unfortunatly I see nothing in the log files (log.smbd and log. nmbd) that indicates anything.


Two things are strange, on the one hand there is this type of message permantently in the log:

"smbd/server.c:1114: [2015/03/30 19:37:47.249059, all 0, pid=1151] main

standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option"


and on the other, everytime I start samba, I get the message in the CLI (putty), that "samba is not configured for running". Despite the message it works.

This is already the second try to get Samba running. I'm not sure if this may cause that fault.


I already reinstalled DSM, first for some days it seemed to work, but it figured out that it didn't. Nothing has changed, no new or updated package or DS, no config changes.

Meanwhile I change the config, because the NAS is planned to be a WINS server, but the fault was there before and after that single change.



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