Migrating from 5.2 to 6.2.3, error 13

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my 5 year old xpenology under 5.2 died. I replaced it with an i3-8100 and an asrock h310cm-itx/ac. previous version was dsm 5.2 on 3615xs


I have tried running  6.2.3  / 918+ on a spare disk an it completed install, I can log in and most of everything (i think).


When I tried using my old drives to migrate it gets error 13 on both the migrate and reinstall options. 


Does anyone have a work around here? Thank you!

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Alright, I found the Issue. Hopefully someone can use this in the future.


The issue was after the hardware test with the empty drive I still reused the USB loader. what should be done is:


  • install loader into USB
  • Hardware test with an empty drive, do your test exploration if you are new. make sure things you need work.
  • DELETE / Reformat the USB (i used USB image tool)
  • Reinstall the loader
  • install the disks you want to migrate
  • boot and you should succeed with the migration.
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