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I'm lookin for advice on best practices for replacing hard drives with larger ones.


Some background. My first foray into Xpenology was with the N54L when I threw in some spare hard drives in a JBOD configuration. Subsequently, I've spooled up a couple of Xpenology VMs each of which uses a large capacity RDMed hard drive and the N54L is used as a backup for one of the VMs.


I would now like to replace the smattering of small drives in the N54L with a single large hard drive and was planning on doing the following. Add the new hard drive and let Xpenology create the partitions and copy the relevant software. Create a new volume and copy all the files from the old volume to the new volume. Delete the network share that points to the old volume and map it to the new volume. Delete the old volume and remove the appropriate hard drives.


I'm expecting this to save me creating a new USB and doing a new installation. Am I missing something?


Is there a better way to do this upgrade? Should I choose SHR to make future expansion easier?



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Install the new drive, create a new volume.  You can actually move entire shares from the old volumes to the new one in one step, via the Control Panel | Shared Folder dialog.  It will take awhile but no reconfiguration is required.


When the old volumes are empty, just delete them and take the old drives out.

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