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Newbie HDD setup querie Gen8


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I have just set up my first ever xpenology DSM NAS on my Gen8 Microserver. I'm also really new to all this sort of computing having only ever played at OS level.


I followed the instructions from xpenology.nl for 5.1-5002 update 3, creating boot from USB not VM and instlled the correct .pat file and all seems fine, on fact maybe too easy. The 4x2TB WD red HDD had to be added so I created one whole volume as SHR-1 and all looks ok there.


I initially checked that the Gen8 was running the most recent BIOS and iLo firmware which it was and changed the BIOS settings to boot from USB first and configured NIC1 to portshare with iLo data all ok there too.


The only thing I didn't do, and don't know if I have to, was set up the HDD in BIOS as AHCI or using the raid controller, I just skipped past this during the initial boot sequence. Should I have done something here so BIOS and iLo can see the HDD or just leave it because DSM isn't bothered?


Thanks for any advice.



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Same question here, but when running xpenology as virtual machine under esxi.

What would be a "correct" way to set up the HDD in BIOS as AHCI or using the raid controller and which RAID mode?


Thanks for all answers.



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