Web Interface not working, console display not working, iscsi working

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Hello All,


I have a situation where I was unable to get to the web console on a unit running for a couple of years.

Nothing in the environment has changed.


Apparently no ftp or http access to the box is working, however ISCSI is working like a champ.

I remotely rebooted the box, but the same situation, so I physically went to the box, I rebooted and I see the boot up screen I select Xpenology DSM 5.2-5967 and once I hit that, nothing else shows on the console.

Any suggestions or ideas?


I also wanted to confirm, the networking config, iscsi etc is all stored on the USB correct? 


I was able to put the USB in my laptop and look at the config file, but thats about it.


If I can't recover the settings, can I do an in place upgrade to the same usb?



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