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Slow access via Browser


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Really new to Xpenology and I m loving it so far!


Everything is up and running, and properly configured.


The only problem I m experiencing is that when I m trying to connect to my Xpenology via web browser the speed is really slow. Background image is struggling to load and control panel takes like 10 secs to load the first time. This wasnt the case when I first installed xpenology (access via browser was really fast) but its a permanent thing the last couple of days. I didnt do anything radical apart from installing/uninstalling a few packages so I cant think of anything I did wrong. Both CPU and RAM levels are normal and network transfer speeds are pretty decent (average 80MB/sec). Apart from this browser access speed issue, NAS is working flawlessly!!!


I did a google search and the only relative thing I managed to find was something about indexing can make xpenology slow but indexing options in all my shares is disabled.


I would much appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction.


In case it helps, here is some info about my system:


DSM: 5.1-5022 Update 2

BOOT IMAGE: XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3

Motherboard: GIGABYTE, H81M-S2PV

CPU: Pentium Haswell

Memory: 2GB 1333 DDR3


Should you need anything else please let me know


Thank you in advance





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