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VM fails to create due to memory limit on AMD


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When creating a Virtual machine on Xpenology, I get the following error as per image attached.

It won't use available memory. restricted to 2GB despite having 32GB available as per the info centre

Also I know AMD isn't exactly supported 

but the info centre is reporting I have an Intel Xeon D-1527 with 4 cores. We all know the Ryzen 5 2600 is a 6 core unit.


My test system is as follows

AMD ryzen 5 2600 cpu

Asrock A320M-HDV mainboard

32GB DDR4 ram

Geforce 710 gpu

2 x 5TB seatgate HDD

2 x 3TB Western Digital HDD

1 x Western Digital 128GB SSD cache

Xpenology DS3617XS 

Boot loader 6.1 Mod V1.02B MBR Genesys


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Seriously flyride. I asked a serious question here and honestly I do not need that kind of rudeness.

I am well aware that these units only read as per the DS it is using. I may not have written it correctly. but ws just making an observation.

The real issue as per the subject line ws the VM memory issue. as per the attached graphic

If you are able to assist with that, being a Guru Master, then please, tell me what may be the issue.



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Please, Newbie. Check yourself and your rudeness.


You reported something that many believe to be a problem. You didn't indicate whether you knew that it was a cosmetic issue or not.  I answered part of your issue, in all seriousness.  I don't have the answer to your VMM Manager question other than to tell you it's a crappy implementation of KVM and you should use ESXi instead. Because you were already using aggressive language in this and your other post, I didn't volunteer that information. This is because I believed you would receive it badly and complain that your question isn't being answered, or that you received an answer to question you didn't ask.


You seem annoyed with the responses to your threads, either not timely enough or off topic.  The reality is that the community may just not know.  Sorry.

Edited by flyride
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yeh right. it seems you knowitall types like to look down at us newbies because we don't know everything or anything for that matter.

Get a grip and be nice Flyride. no one needs that kind of nonsense.

Excuse me. I am put out folks that dont respond in a timely matter? wher on earth do you get that nonsense from.

I am a newbie. Don't treat us newbies as dumb ok

If you can't answer the posted quetion, don't reply

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Nobody looks down to other forum members as newbies. @flyride simply stated that the processor info is hardcoded and you immediately accused him of being rude. Statements like


9 hours ago, Gerryatric said:

What I need is an answer to the question raised please




3 hours ago, Gerryatric said:

Get a grip and be nice Flyride. no one needs that kind of nonsense.


are imho more than cheeky. Remember that everyone in this forum acts as a volunteer. 


Topic is closed



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Ok everyone let's calm down. 


I am re-opening this thread because the question in OP was legitimate to start with. However should this go side ways I will permanently closed it.


In the future, @Gerryatric if there is any problem please contact a moderator in PM. You have been given a warning due to the additional thread you created which was non-necessary and clearly broke the rules.


For now I don't want to see anymore arguing here. Let's keep it straight to the point.

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I tested it as well. And suspected that the AMD ryzen probably has a broken nested virtualization implemention.

Not only the VM inside synology failed to start, virtualbox in windows also broken.  

If you are using hypervisor, just discard the vmm in synology at the moment.

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