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HP Microserver gen 8 from DSM 5.2 to 6.?

Adamest Adam



I have a HP Microserver gen 8 running xpenology with DSM 5.2, I mainly use it as a plex server, but plex have recently changed their requirements so it’s currently not working properly and won’t until I update to at least DSM 6.0. 


Is it possible to update to a stable 6.0+ DSM yet?

Can I remove the drives Before the update to save the data that’s on them?
would a fresh install of DSM 6.? be better and would the data transfer across if I take the driver out during the update?

is there anything else I should know before attempting an update/fresh install?




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Your hardware is definitely capable and stable with both 6.1.7/1.02b and 6.2.3/1.03b versions/loaders as ds3615xs.  See the excellent table linked below to help you make your choice.


I've updated a baremetal HP N40L microserver with drives intact from 5.2 to 6.1.7 and 6.2.3.  And make sure you've disabled C1E in the bios.  If your drives are SHR, they are grandfathered and transition seamlessly.  If you are doing a clean install and want SHR, you'll have to make some OS edits to allow it.


The primary piece to remember when updating from 5.2 is deleting the ".xpenoboot" directory or your NIC won't work.


Either way it makes sense to make a configuration backup in advance.  And like everyone says, also have a full backup of your info for the just in case.


There are a few synology plugins that work differently with 6.1.7 vs 6.2.3 [synology drive client, hyper backup, etc.] which are generally minor.  For me the big decisionmaker was that drive hibernation isn't yet stable in 6.2.3, which means I've kept my "archive" machine on 6.1.7 while the primary is on 6.2.3.



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