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I hosed my system...help please

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I need help!!!  I don't even know where to begin.


Lenovo M91 Intel I5


103b loader


(This system has been running flawlessly for YEARS)


After reading that most were successful I tried to upgrade my setup to the latest 25426 from 24922.  At the reboot everything went to hell.  Apparently my USB stick that I had been using for a while decided to commit suicide during this upgrade process.  I made a new USB boot stick (proper Vid, Pid, S/N and Mac) and I can get it to boot and I can find it in the find.synology.com and with synology assistant no problem. I have tried migration and reinstall and NOTHING works.  When I go to migrate it will advance to 56% then errors out with either 'file corrupt' or network error.  Same holds true with trying a new install.  I have tried every combination I can think of of extra.lzma.  I even went out and bought an Intel network card and tried it completely stock.  At this point I realize my installation is hosed and I need to reinstall from scratch but I can't even get it to do that.


Can someone gently point me to a starting point.  Seriously I would be happy to just wipe the drives and start over if I had to.  Fortunately my data is backed up.

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I have found my problem and it was a foolish mistake on my part.  As I stated my USB boot drive crashed which I now believe led to this problem.  When I created my new Boot drive and adjusted to PID and the VID in the Grub.cfg I entered the appropriate PID and VID but forgot to enter 0x prefix.  In other words I entered the PID as 1234 whe it should have been entered as 0x1234.


Problem solved.  currently updated and running DSM Release 2 smoothly

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