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Link Aggregation (LAN port & USB port)




I have a LAN port connected to the router and additionally I have a USB LAN dongle connected to the router with another CAT6 cable.

  • If I test the speed on the LAN port, it works at roughly 1Gbps and that is perfect.
  • If I test the USB LAN dongle it works at 300Mpbs, since my USB port is quite old.

I have tried to create a Bond (Adaptative Load Balancing), but looking at the speeds when I download a file, the NAS clearly do not use the two ports in parallel, since the download speed stays for some time at roughly 1Gbps and then it goes down to 300Mb for a while and the it does the same for all the time, what means the NAS is swithcing between the two ports instead of using the two ports in parallel.


Does anybody know how to do Link Aggregation so I can get one single connection with the sum of the two ports what would mean to have a total speed of 1300Mbps?


PS: I have a Wifi6 router and a laptop Wifi6 card, both with 160Mhz band, so there is no 1Gbps limitation.



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Link Aggregation ( Bonding) works if your LAN is wired through a managed network switch that allows link aggregation of the switch ports your NAS is using, I have mine running through a D-Link DGS-1210 managed switch and it works fine.

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