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N54L Xpenology slow read speed (write is ok)


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I recently "upgraded my" N54L xpenology setup with another disk and I made new volume (SHR2 - 2 disk redundancy). Setup is 4 1TB disks. I use XPEnoboot 5022.3 and DSM 5022 update 3.


When I copy files from PC to NAS I get from 95-110 MB/s, but when I try to copy files other way I got from 20-60MB/s.


Before I had 3 disks and used Nanoboot and DSM 5.0.4528 and SHR and I got speeds both aprx. the same up and down at 95-100MB/s.


Can anyone point me in right direction to try to solve this "situation"?



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