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Recovering a DSM 6.2.2 ESXi VM installation


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I accidentally deleted the folder containing the second of two DSM VMs on ESXI 6.7U3 and am hoping I can recover the installation because it was a simple one as these things go.


I have a copy of the customized v1.03b DS3615x 6.2 synoboot file which I was using along with a single RDM'ed hard drive for the data and think I can recreate the VM settings from memory. However, I updated DSM from the GUI one or more times since the original installation (I'm guessing to 6.2.2 24922 Update 6 rather than U4 in my .sig) and vaguely remember reading that synoboot gets modified when that happens.


The hard drive in question shows 3 partitions in ESXi, two of about 2GB each and a 3rd that takes up the rest of the drive.


Before I fire up the VM, any pointers on how to proceed without losing the data on the hard drive?


For the future, is there a best practice around creating copies of the synoboot file on DSM updates?



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I crossed my fingers and fired up the VM. The GUI said I had moved my hard disk and showed a button to recover my installation. I clicked it, the VM rebooted and I'm up and running!


Now if I can only get the WMware website to let me download the ESXi 7 ISO ...

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