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Windows Kernel Problem


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I use xpenology on vmware workstation 11 into windows 8.1 host. Everything worked fine with my one 500go hard drive dedicated to xpenology.


I replace my 500go hard drive with 2x2to WD red. So i add one, repair, replace 500go with the second one, repair but i couldn't expand 500go to 2to.


So finally i create a third volume, copy data, recreat volume 2 with one red and add the second one.


But since i add this wd hdd, my computer reboot when i watch movie on xpenology network folder.


In windows event, i see this error each time it reboot : Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power id n°41.


I try to disable one hdd but still this error.


Someone know why ?


Thank (sorry for my english)

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