NICs were not able to be seen on DSM setting

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Hi All.


I have a DSM 6.2.3 installed on baremetal HPE ML10 Gen9 with Mellanox CX3 dual port NIC.

After a suddenly power outage, I can't connect to my DSM.

I plugged a cable back to onboard NIC then I can connect to my NAS via DHCP IP, but only 1 NIC shows in DSM setting.

So I disabled the onboard NIC, then I can connect to the NAS by CX3 first port IP, the second port doesn't show in DSM setting

But all NIC can be identified by ifconfig and they can get IP from DHCP server.

Any suggestions to resolve this?  Thanks!


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from the symptoms it sounds like you use 1.04b/918+ (your 6th gen cpu would allow this) that has a default limit of 2 nic's and the config was reset to defaults

you would have needed to manually change this from its default maxlanport="2" to something higher to get 3 ports working



read this to check and change it (again)


the network config is stored here


but i dont think that would be the problem

the default files can be fount in the full dsm *.pat file, open it with 7zip, for checking whats the default of the original system as it comes from synology


same goes for the default synoinfo.conf *_25426.pat\hda1.tgz\hda1\etc.defaults\synoinfo.conf

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