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Just thought i would like to share my experience.


I have successfully installed all my 8 HDD drives using the 6 on board SATA ports and 2 ports from marvell controller that is on the Wifi Slot on the motherboard.


DSM is reporting all 8 drives detected. and seems to be building fine.


Note that in the BIOS, the drives have to be detected as ACHI not IDE, if it's in IDE it will not been seen in DSM. DSM also sees the two drives connected to the motherboard via the marvell PCI Express slot. :smile:


Just sharing! :grin:

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Congrats on the successful installation of XPEnology on your old H55! Do you use an i5/i7 CPU with AES-NI?


Which mini-PCI-express SATA-controller did you use?


Please note: two versions of the Zotac H55 ITX exist:

The model with built in USB 3.0, the H55ITX-C-E, contains a Realtek (i.e. non-Intel) 1000Mbit network chip.

The model H55ITX-A-E has an Intel 1000Mbit network chip. Generally, the Intel network-chip is less unreliable... :smile:

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