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Dear Members,


I had DS916+ with 4 disks in SHR (30TBs) and have been trying to migrate to a customized server with a Huanzhi X99 D8 and E5 2630lV3 with 32GBs of DDR4 RAM.

Therefore, I followed the step for "DS3617xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img" and prepared a USB 2.0 flash drive.
I inserted it to the workstation and the first boot was fine. I could ping the New DS and find it on Synology Assistant after 60 seconds. I went to (I binded the IP and MAC Address with the DHCP server) and could see the web page which indicated me to migrate, which I did. Then, I manually installed the .pat file for DS3617xs which made it reboot through the web page.
When it rebooted, nothing happened for at least 10 minutes. I tried ping -t and checking synology assitant. Nothing...

Thus, I tried to force the reboot many times and waited for 10 minutes every time before pinging. Nothing worked.

Hence, I recreated the USB drive with the img and redid the steps. This time, the web page indicated me "Try to recover" or something like this, which I did. It then rebooted the machine and it has been an hour since then and nothing has happened yet. I cannot ping, see anything in Synology Assistant, and access any web page. It is stuck on "Intro: This mod is brought to you by Jun... Happy hacking... Screen will stop updating shortly, please open to continue."


I just do not know what to do next. May you please help me? 

It is very important for me not to lose any data despite having a cold backup.


Thank you!

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PS: It is a baremetal installation with the latest DSM version (DSM_DS3617xs_25426.pat). I have been letting the "restoring process" for hours now and no news. Nmap does not show any host now. The two LAN port (RTL8125 and Intel XXXX) do not work. I mean they do not allow me to get any web page to do anything. The DHCP server does not show any new lease. Should I force the reboot and risk damaging my disks again?

Please help me :(

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6 hours ago, jensmander said:

Did you try the 1.03b for the 3617?

Thank you for your help.

I have used the XPEnology Tool to download the 1.03b and have made the USB again. I then had access to the webpage and could again click on "recovery", but it seems like the problem is still occurring after it restarted for recovery. I cannot ping the machine and cannot find anything on Synology Assistant. It has been already 20 minutes now.

Do you have any idea?

Thank you!

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38 minutes ago, jensmander said:

Try to put the extra.lzma on the second partition of your stick (replace the existing one). If the NICs don’t indicate anything it looks like a driver problem.

It does not work. I replaced it with two different extra.lzma ( and Unfortunately, it does not work. I cannot detect it in any way. However, I can detect it with the original exra.lzma when I create a new USB.

Do you have any idea?

Btw, is it bad to force the reboot with all the drives connected? There are a lot of data there in SHR from my old Synology and I hope nothing will happen. Please help me. Thanks,

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