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Xpenology on a dell r710


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Hi hoping someone can help a noob out so looking at setting up xpenology as a home server I have an old dell r710 with a h300 raid board in it so I downloaded bootloader 1.03b and set about installing the latest 6.2 with my Asus 10gb network card but one it booted I could not find it on the network so I tried the onboard ports that that also did not show up so finally I installed a 1gb Intel desktop network card thinking this as basic as it gets this will work but nothing yet again I must be don't something wrong as I was sure it said in the forum that the Asus 10gb should work. 

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On 8/10/2020 at 10:47 PM, muzzy182uk said:

my Asus 10gb network card

there are more then one 10G card from asus with different chipsets but i guess in 90% of cases you would need additional drivers as extra.lzma

if you try with jun's loader and it default drivers then you should use the onboard nic, also the intel should have worked

so most likely you missed the part about the 1.03b loader not booting uefi

bios needs to be set to csm/legacy and also the legacy usb device neets to be used for booting (most vendors have csm as option to enable andyou will see uefi and legacy usb devices at the same time, the legacy usually only after a reboot with csm enabled)


On 8/10/2020 at 10:47 PM, muzzy182uk said:

I was sure it said in the forum that the Asus 10gb should work. 



for testing you can try to boot loader 1.02b and see if you can find the system in network (internal or intel nic), this loader does support uefi and legacy


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