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Can you convert a baremetal Xpenology install to ESXi?


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Hi, I want to upgrade my current baremetal install of DSM 5.0-4493 to the latest version 5.1-5022, and convert it to an ESXi setup. Is it possible to go from a baremetal setup to an ESXi one?


An ESXi setup interests me because I want to run a Windows 8 VM to use for remote access via TeamViewer and other specific tasks (i.e. ripping CDs/Blu-ray Discs, etc.).


If map the HDDs that I currently have using RDM, would I be able to migrate them from my current setup without losing data?


I will be using the current hardware listed in my sig. I also have a 128GB SSD that can be used for dedicated VM storage.


The current network throughput of my baremetal install is around 110 MB/s. Would this be impacted much by running in a VM environment?


TIA for the help!

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