Can't find xpenology nas over network. NIC driver problem?

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Hi I'm MrColo and I'm a completely noob in this world of xpenology. I'd like to install it on an old Packard Bell wp61r2 (NIC Intel 82567V-2) but I've got some issues. So, I'm following this guide

I used Jun’s Loader v1.03b DS3615xs but I can't find nas over local network. I tried also custom drivers, but no result.

Any advice?


thank you


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2 hours ago, flyride said:

Use DSM version 6.2.3 when using 1.03b loader. 

just for testing you can try loader 1.02 (dsm 6.1) this loader works for uefi and csm, if the nework driver works with this its most likely a uefi/csm problem with 1.03b

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Thank you!

5 minutes ago, flyride said:

Again, there is nothing wrong with 6.1.7 as you will have no additional features with a newer version/loader unless you switch platforms.  But if you want to try, see post #3 in this thread and review the link there.

I think I'll use 6.1.7

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On 8/12/2020 at 12:31 AM, MrColo said:

I think I'll use 6.1.7

there was someone lately writing about using easy2boot to help overcome uefi legacy boot problems but it was not conclusive as he started with uefi problems and later in the post he writes about switching to legacy in bios, maybe he just missed the point of using the legacy boot representation of his usb containing jun's loader, usually on hp you see uefi and legacy boot devices separately if enabled to boot from legacy (and having switched off secure boot)

i have not tried anything with this, at least cant hurt to test, just keep your 1.02b stick and after testing it it boots that way to find it in network you just switch off and put back your 1.02b

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