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Synology Forcing me to Migrate! What do I do now?


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Hello New to posting but been here a few times building my NAS.


Here is whats going on. I had a sucsessfull NAS build (Dell F1D Server 2x L5335 Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.00Ghz 8GB Cloud 4x750GB SATA) running DSM 5.1-5022 and all was running well. I then was messing with a old HP Pentium 4 computer trying to get it to run the 32-bit kernel of XPEnology. I used one of my spare empty 750GB drives that I pulled from my Dell Server. This HDD was pulled a while back before I installed DSM on the Dell. Well after a few hang ups in installing the DSM on the old Pentium 4 I decided to focus on other projects. I Pulled the HDD from the P4 and put it into the Dell NAS. I restarted the NAS and now Im stuck at the Migrate Page and it wont boot into DSM.







Not sure were to go from here.

I pulled the New HDD and rebooted and it still go's strait to DSM migrate. I have a website Hosted on this server and really need to get this up and running again. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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