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Help updating my 6.1 version to 6.2

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I currently running  Jun's Loaders DSM 6.1 - DS3615xs on my Dell PC.

I had once tried to update my DSM from 6.1 to 6.2 and was unsuccessful and had a data loss where i lost all my settings and data (there was not much data as i was testing this service out for the first time). As i was unsuccessful updating to 6.2, i then went back to DSM 6.1 and now currently using it for some time.

Please Can any one help me with some instructions to successfully update my DSM from 6.1 to 6.2. 


Also, I am facing another difficulties in external access. so when i go to the control panel>external access>router configuration, here some of my ports (for example Cloud Station Port 6690) always has connection issues and doesn't let me access my server outside my home network. i always have to manually log on to my DSM and go through the process of setting up router and then test connections. so is there any way i can always have my external access be connected and not have to log in every time.


Thanks in Advance for writing me back. 

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It all depends on how long ago you tried the update. The first versions of 6.2 used a different driver model and caused a number of problems. 6.2.3 seems to have reverted to the "old" model and has allowed an easier update path.

So, I would try again. I would really, really suggest that you find a spare HDD and install your current version on it and then test the update process. In any case, back up all your data and settings before attempting to update your live system.

You should also look through the updates thread to see whether anyone has updated the same model (or chipset) as your Dell and see if there are any comments.

The basic steps are:

Download the 1.03b loader.

Follow the same steps you used to create your current loader (vid, pid and any other parameter changes)

Download the 6.2.3 pat file

(When you update your existing system check for the hidden .xpenoboot directory. Delete it if it exists).

Did I say "Back everything up"?

Boot from the new loader, connect via Synology Assistant or find.synology.com and it should come up with the steps to update your system. You can choose a manual install and use the .pat file you downloaded.

It should reboot (this may take a while) and when it comes up you will probably have some packages to update and then another reboot.

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i' suggest a basic 6.2 ready test

use a new usb, copy 1.03b loader to it, remove your 1.02b loader usb, boot your nas from tne new and see if you can find it in network with the synology assistant (can be downloaded from synology) - if yes you passed the bigger hurdle as 1.03b loader only works in csm/legacy mode that might needs to be activated in bios and also the usb boot device needs to be the legacy one - thats the problem most people have problems with

after that you switch off put in your old loader usb and start planning you update


you did not specify your cpu, if its at least 4th gen intel (haswell) you could also use loader 1.04b and "migrate" to 918+, the 1.04b loader can do both uefi and legacy mode and if the system does not have csm/legacy it would be your only way (beside keeping 6.1)


the vid/pid of the usb is only important when really installing and the mac of the nic is only important when using wol, so just having a peek with the loader as it comes is ok and booting up the loader does not change your installed system on disk, it only reads the version file and compares it with the booted loader and you will see whats the estimate is (like update or mitgrate) - dont try to install with a loader that does not match the usb's vid/pid, its not going to work

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