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Some General Questions


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I have looking at setting up a NAS with XPEnology and have about zero experience with any of this stuff.


I have a few general questions that I have been unable to find concise answers for.


1. I am thinking about getting the a Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 70A4000HUX i3-4130 3.4GHz Server Desktop Computer, is this hardware supported without using VMWare?


2. If I install the latest version of XPEnology, how do plug in updates work? I want to run couchpotato, Sabnzbd, etc. Will these plugins auto-update to the newest version or will I have to manually install?


3. Will these plugin stop working if synology OS version gets too far ahead of XPEnoloy, example, if Synology goes to 6.0 and XPEnology is still 5.0 are the plugins always backwards compatible.


4. How much maitance do you guys usually do once you get stuff up and running? I really dont want to have to touch this thing for 6 months at a time once I get it going.



Thank you.

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