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Fresh Install / Still some active PKG


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sorry for my pretty bad english ;p


i want to "fresh clean" install my synology, while i migrate from 5.0.4458 to 5.1.5022.2, without loosing "data"


so i try on another computer to "test".

I install it in 5.0.4458 , make installation of Plex from spk , put 1 shared folder with some data

after this i put usb with nanoboot 5.1.5022.2 in upgrade mode, and when it ask me, i tell to do a clean install


the result is quite good , but the "old" spk (plex) is still there , as data


how can i reinstall my synology without loosing "only shared folder" but erasing previous installation, manual spk included


Thx !!

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Are you saying that Plex package shows as installed in DSM or that you see Plex directory in file system?


If you're not seeing it in DSM that is good because of clean install, package is not installed. You will still see the directory in file system because clean install does not delete folders from the drives, only over-write system files to make install clean.

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